Audi R8 Performance Exhaust System

Know More About Audi R8 First Mid-Engine Range Sports Car

Audi R8 is the extremely capable car that’s submissive enough to be driven every day. In this article you will read some discussion about Audi R8 performance exhaust system. This car is much far from the quickest car of this segment and the Audi R8 Priceentry is for sure more challenging.

The new Audi R8 grants the users:

  • V8 engine,
  • World class handling
  • Better and comfortable cabin
  • Slick gated manual shifter
  • Easy to drive facility
  • Six-CD changer and Bluetooth connectivity

The base amount for Audi R8 Price stands well over than hundred thousand dollars. The Audi R8 comes in different styles with different price ranges in the market. The popular models being 2dr Coupe 4.2Lengine Manual Quattro which is priced at almost a thousand hundred and fourteen dollars range with a 420 HP which is an all-wheel drive car. The second model is 2dr Coupe 4.2L engine Auto Quattro which comes with a price of almost a hundred and twenty three thousand dollars with 420 HP engine and again an all-wheel drive car.

Audi R8 Performance Exhaust System

The Audi R8 is actually a carryover from its older version of the  Audi R8 which falls under Audis first mid-engine range sports car. The new  Audi R8 price which is medium priced while compared to other cars of the same range shares features with all the mid-engine platform cars. The Audi R8 features as a specialty a standard manual engine in addition to the optional automated manual transmission engine. The 2009 Audi R8 offers the customers a choice of Xenon or LED headlamps that is surrounded by LED running lights and also indicators.

Just like Audi r8 exhaust system, the Audi R8 is a different kind of Audi car which is much different than the other famous brand of Audis in the market. The 2009 Audi R8 price is so good that many people are interested in getting the same and it is a car for those who enjoy driving fast and also a dream car for many. The new price range of Audi R8 has made it possible for people who have been looking forward to own one for themselves for a long time. The design of this high end Coupe is very tasteful both inside and out and can be made out in a test drive. The Audi R8 price which is affordable is much less compared to the other cars of almost the same range which is almost double the price of Audi R8.

Anyone who can shell out about hundred thousand dollars can own a new  Audi R8 which makes the Audi R8 price lucrative. A car which is so well designed and that comes with Quattro Audi technology which is one of the best of its kind is tightly build into its most powerful engine that the drives enjoys the most impressive drive of his life. It is said that no curve is too fast for this car and it is rated as one of the most desirable car which was launched in the world of cars till now. Get a new one for yourself with the best Audi R8 price range and have a different driving experience in life.

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